Memory-Go-Round | Abbotsford Convent 2022

Have you ever wanted to step into the world of someone else’s story?

5 artists living with disability/neurodiversity share their intimate memories through installations at Memory-Go-Round (MGR). This installation celebrates diversity and the arts for the International Day of People with Disabilities.  READ MORE  – BOOKING

Arts House/Culture Lab

DSA: Disrupting sighted ableism. 2022

Exploration of Sensory Theatre –  Memory-Go-Round
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A Sense of Place | Dance House 2022

Sense of Place explores places in our hearts, minds, memories and lived reality through Sensory Theatre
With WEAVE  co -directed by Janice Florence (Movement) & Zya Kane (Sensory Theatre), Sense of Place attempts to deliver explorations of personal places through provoking our senses. Documentation & Excerpt: TAN Kang Wei
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Development 1 – 2021

Memory Go Round

Process driven sensory storytelling and installation project.
The Memory-go-round project aims to capture memories and transform them into sensory experiences, using smell, image, sound, texture and taste
Currently in collaboration with VALID PAG’s artists and BANH inc
Produced by Takashi Takiguchi  ImPermanence productions
Supported by City of Yarra and Auspicious Arts

Fuze Ensemble | Melbourne Fringe Festival 2021

Devised group work by makers who live with disability, telling their stories their way.
More information: Fuze Facebook | Fuze Instagram

Sensory Theatre Research 2020

To support research on the use and process of creating sensory theatre through the influences of sensory practice and multi-sensory theatre. To develop a process to use with diverse abilities, individuals/groups.  Supported by Creative Victoria.

Weave Bouffon Development | 2018

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