Sensory theatre practice is a way of capturing the imagination through the universal language of the senses, focusing on the atmosphere and expressing through light/shadow, sound/vibration, texture, taste and smells.

My aim is to find ways to create art, make discoveries and share this through sensorial exploration, innovation and shared story.

Connection and collaboration are central to my practice; between creators, learners or the audience.

I seek to make work that reaches through the senses, draws on the idea of intimate performance, empathy, relational work specific to space/place and embedding access into the creative process.

The aim of Sensory Theatre is to provide high quality arts projects that are accessible, inclusive and engaging through creating immersive and interactive sensory experiences.


February  2022

Sensory Theatre Practice

Zya Kane is a long term facilitator of disability theatre and movement. She has recently been immersed in studies of sensory theatre. In this workshop, lead by Zya, we will create theatre through the senses of sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. We will explore how these senses interact with memory to create storytelling in words and movement. Participants will work solo and in groups.
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“The workshop was great, being able to come up with ideas around sensory play has opened my eyes to so many options in play that can be achieved”

Starlight Children’s Foundation

“Zya’s workshop was beautiful. An incredible facilitator and amazing how she was able to conduct a sensory workshop online. She captivated us all and left us wanting more time. Sensory play and storytelling is extremely important to me and so I am forever thankful that this was added into this years CapFest.”

Starlight Children’s Foundation

“I had never thought about using my senses and the senses of my audience like this to enhance the experience I create for kids. I'm excited to get back to work!”

Starlight Children’s Foundation

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